For The Brave - Huawei Honor 9

It's been a little over a year since I switched teams - traded my iPhone to a Huawei that is! The main reason for this was Huawei as a brand, and there's just something about this "For The Brave"-campaign that spoke to me.

For a year I had Huawei Mate 8, which I absolutely looooved, but this June when the new Huawei Honor 9 reached Finland I got a chance to grab the newbie!

The first thing that felt better compared to Mate 8 was that this Honor 9 fits perfectly my hand. It also has a seamless and curved backside which feels even better to hold. As Honor 9 is smaller than my previous phone that means that so is the screen. First it felt a bit weird and took a little while to get used to, (as I just love looking at pictures from a big screen!) but now I'm completely comfortable with the size - and the screen is still a very good size; 5,15 inches to be precise.

What I really looked forward, of course as a photographer, was the dual camera feature. AND STILL AM, as I've been way too busy to REALLY get to know the camera more closely! When I have the proper time to test the camera features I will do a new post simply about the features for you guys if that's something you'd be interested?

I also have this idea of doing an actual photoshoot putting aside my Canon EOS 600D and use only this Honor 9 camera. Would you guys be interested seeing the results and reading about the process?? If so, let me know!

For the brave, Feed the fire! / Eeva