Hungry for life

Hungry for life

Been feeling rebellious lately. Now I feel like I wanna risk some. Live some more.

I want to get to know new people randomly, spend time doing things I usually don’t, eat pizza every day, go swimming in the middle of the night, travel somewhere, flirt shamelessly, be drunk early in the morning, listen to rap music instead of rock, hug more people, kiss more people, laugh so hard and loudly people will think I’m crazy, tell random people they are beautiful, wear bikinis in the city, sink my toes in the sand, have insanely fun with my looks, run like crazy in the pooring summer rain, have sex that drives me crazy, have conversations that drive me sane and catch so many feelings that they’ll get me in trouble.

Feeling me?

The last time I felt this way was years ago. To be precise, six years ago. Oh I was a youngster then, haha, and did not know would I feel this way again and if, when. Now that I do, now that the mood is here, loud and clear, I’m fukkin gonna listen to it, respect it - and seize it.

So why am I feeling this way? What led me to this state? (Other than my hormones that are running wild at the moment haha). Well, it’s very simple. I opened up myself and my heart to life COMPLETELY. And it paid off, I’m so alive - and not scared anymore. It was a certain obstacle I just had to overcome, a doorstep I had to cross over. And I made it to the other side.

And you know what? The energies are way different on this side!

“ that the mood is here, loud and clear, I’m fukkin gonna listen to it, respect it - and seize it.”

Hope you’ll join me this Summer, live a little more yourself, make a fool of yourself one way or another, find yourself somewhere new, with someone new; a stranger, a friend or a companion. Make up with that person your not currently dealing with, take that trip you’ve always wanted, whatever. The choise is yours - just live.

Feed the fire! / Eeva

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