WOOBS - Update your sun glass collection of 2019

My toes may not recommend an open pair of heels just yet, especially after shooting almost in bare feet earlier today, however, the Spring sun has finally came out so it’s offcially time to update your sun glass collection!

woobs sun glasses 1
Woobs fashion style

My first goggles for this Spring came from WOOBS - a finnish born and based small company that designs sun glasses, some small accessories and beautiful time pieces.

Woobs’s combines scandinavian design and ecological elements, and uses only natural materials on their designs such as wood, leather and metal. Wood is the base of their design and leather and metal is used to add flavor; some edgyness, some trendyness and some boldness. Hear, hear! This creates an unique and minimalistic yet exciting outlook that can truly stand the test of time.

Don’t just take my word for it, go check them out yourself!



I received multiple beautiful sun glasses from Woobs and for this particular look of the day; minimal, chic and all black, I wanted to wear the Bruno Walnut glasses. For me to choose a black or more plain sun glasses to go with this outfit would be too obvious and such an easy choise, so I went for the opposite direction and added some contrast - which is the base of my personal style.


Here’s also my favorite time piece from Woobs, Cloud Maple. Cloud is the jewel of Woobs watch collection. The clock-face is made made of genuine wood and modern, streamlined design. This watch is available with a metal wristband and/or leather wristband and wood options include cherry, ebony and maple. My maple piece is so fresh, feminine, yet still perfect for my street style attires. Pure love <3



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BAG: Zara

*This is a paid collaboration with Woobs Design.