Fashion Barbie Goes Street - Photoshoot by Eeva Roots

Long time no photoshoot shares here, let’s change the situation NOW!

I chose to do only few shoots during the Summer mostly to release some actual spare time for myself, and oh boy, it was well worth it. Now as the Fall has arrived my pockets are full of ideas and visions just waiting to come out, so I decided to go out and play with the lovely Miss Helsinki 2014, Isabel.

I had an idea of an edgy fashion barbie shoot and thought Isabel would be just the perfect fit for that. As many times before with my models, I had not met her ever before to this date and these situations are always exciting yet bit scary; what if it doesn’t work, the theme, the look, anything? However, I’ve learned to like this type of pressure and actually embrace the fact I don’t know the person when I’m shooting something for my portfolio. It allows me to “use” the model as a canvas to my vision, to explore her and find something no other has yet captured.

Would you say it was a success? Did we manage to bring something out of her you haven’t seen before?

Feed the fire! / Eeva


STYLIST: Eeva Roots

MODEL: Isabel Claudine -

MUAH: Isabel Claudine