Shh. “I want you to learn something.”

Life is our greatest teacher. Most of the time life doesn’t speak to you directly but rather pushes you around. With each push it says; “I want you to learn something.”

We’ve all experienced those moments when we feel nothing’s happening and nothing’s changing. Sometimes it’s totally okay but if you’re actually trying to change things in your life this can make you feel quite frustrated. Believe me, I know, I’ve had my fair share of banging my head on the wall.

We all have those times too when we lack motivation, are not feeling inspired, are simply feeling lazy or letting that frustration get the best of us. It’s understandable and again, completely okay. But to dwell in misery while doing nothing useful day after day is umh, useless. And not only useless but it actually increases the lack of motivation and self-doubt. You’ll start to think you’re not any good. At anything. Which is completely and undoubtedly NOT TRUE.

If you are starting to have these kind of beliefs of yourself talk to your close ones and ask them to remind you of all of the things you are good at.

You’ll get a list that’s so long it makes your head spin. Trust me.

Some people believe they actually need to dwell for weeks or months and THEN the motivation will come back. Seriously? You’re just waiting for your motivation to bang on your door, show up and tell you “Hey homie I’m here let’s make everything work out for you!”? That’s really cute but listen. Motivation only works if you work, if you act. But the good news is: you don’t need motivation to act. Motivation is not an actual tool so you shouldn’t treat it as one, but rather take it as an extra boost.

In case you have all the time in the world but are lacking motivation to do anything my advise to you is this: at least act on your head. Use this time to clarify your thoughts and unfold some of the stuff that is or has been holding you back. Reflect on the things you’ve been doing, been wanting, and try to recognize if those things are really meant for you. (If you know they are do not fukkin stop just because it gets hard!)

This time of your life might not seem like the greatest gift of all time but it is a blessing in a disguise - if you learn to appreciate the fact that you can benefit from it. And if not, well, then I guess you’ll just waste it? It’s totally up to you.

Motivation only works if You work.

You might feel that life is pushing you around but getting you nowhere. What I’ve learned is that even though you might feel you’re ready for the next step and can’t figure out why you’re unable to get there, the truth is at that time you are or were not actually ready. If you are hard headed like me this might be difficult for you to accept but trust me, pondering about this is not the answer, the only answer is to increase action. More action turns into more action and results and you’re fooling yourself if you think otherwise.

My recent experience of almost having another burnout felt undeniably unfair and unnecessary. I had been willing to work so hard for so long and cope with very little and it felt so unfair that it wasn’t enough. That was how I felt and thought. When in fact I needed to change and grow my thought process yet again - and that would have not happened without reaching the point of exhaustion.

So thank you life for pushing me around again, and pushing me around harder and longer this time, for me to finally learn what you’ve been trying to teach me. keep pushing whenever neseccary, i will be listening.

Feed the fire! / Eeva

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