Feeling Estonia!

I just had my first vacation away from Helsinki for over 3,5 years, wooah! I literally can’t stress enough how important it is to get away sometimes, from your usual surroundings and home (which is also your woring base!). And to think I didn’t thought visiting Tallinn wouldn’t be enough of a vacay but it sure as hell was!

Me and my best friend Dima stayed at the heart of Tallinn, in Storyteller’s Nest apartment. It was only a 5 minutes walk away from the port which came really handy especially for me as I had the toughest flu ever! I almost cancelled our trip because I was so sick but really wanted to get away and get a chance to relax with Dima after a quite stressful Autumn so decided to go for it and wished I got better while we're there.

Did I? Well, not.

The first night we stayed in and just enjoyed the beautiful apartment. As I knew beforehand that the apartment would inclube a bathub I had imagined taking a relaxing bath at the end of the day with candles and a glas of wine but the reality was something else; I took a steamy long bath just to be able to breath and not feel so cold! Still, it worked enough to get a good night sleep.

Quality time

with bestie

The next day I felt I was dying. I literally felt like crying and couldn’t get out of bed for hours. At this point the main priority was to rest well, try to eat well, and see if we’d be lucky and able to get out by night. We watched Prison Break episode after episode under blankets.

Had to say goodbye to our plans of wildly exploring Tallinn and capturing beautiful places and moments, and although I was feeling sick we still decided to have a blast and enjoyed having this nice apartment all for ourselves and feeling stress free.

Thank God for late mornings

and full breakfast!

On Saturday night we headed to Old Town In Tallinn. I’m a sucker for nostalgy and good old atmosphere and really wanted for Dima to experience Old Town too. One of my favorite places on earth are these narrow streets with cobblestones and old buildings located in Old Town. It was only a ten minute walk from our apartment so we thought it’s the least we can do - and maybe the only thing we can enjoy besides the apartment. We walked all the way to the Market area and it was well worth to visit. Neither of us couldn’t get enough of the beauty of this place!

The cherry on top of the cake was a lovely dinner at La Bottega, also located in Old Town. Neither of us don’t go out to eat too much so this was special for both of us. Although I felt and looked like crap a touch of red lipstick helped me to look a bit fresher for the dinner, haha.

Sunday was our date of departure and we decided to just chill.

Sometimes a photo speaks more than words so here is our Sunday mood!

Although I didn’t feel quite so well and the stay wasn’t all roses and rainbows we still absolutely loved our mini vacation. This little getaway with my best friend was well needed and is well appreciated, so thank you again Visit Estonia and Storyteller’s Nest for having us!

Feed the fire! / Eeva

(This has been a sponsored trip and post)

Visit Estonia: https://www.visitestonia.com/en

Storyteller’s Nest: https://www.visitestonia.com/en/storytellersnest