Pink fresh locks - ID HAIR collabration

Few weeks ago I finally did something I’ve been wanting to do since last Winter - went pink with my hair! So why I waited for so long? The answer is simple; I really wanted to make sure I get the tone just right. Not too peachy, not too light, not too dark, and definitely not uneven. Every once in awhile I turn to hair professionals and this was just the right time to do so. This sweet transformation was done in collabration with idHAIR and now I’ll tell you how it was done!

We started the process by pretreating the hair with completely new product, Moroccanoil 2 phase intensive care treatment. Phase 1: Moroccanoil color complete Prime was sprayed troughout my hair before the dye.

For lightening my roots we used Guy Tang #Big9 Creme Lightener and #Magnum8 from Guy Tang #mydentity product line. I had just been in an idHAIR event featuring Guy Tang himself and seen the amazing bleaching results achieved with #Big9 so needless to say I was ecstatic we were going to be using this product. My roots bleached really nicely and quickly with these magic lotions and we soon got to jump to the next phase of the process. I chose my favorite tone from a color map and even though I had a specific tone in mind I almost changed my mind as there were so many beautiful tones to select from, haha, but eventually went with my original choise.

Jenni, my hair dresser started to do test dyes for pink tones. The perfect mix of tones was found very quickly and we ended up mixing two different shades, Blush and Pearl. The pink was also achieved by using #mydentity products. For my own hair the needed effect time was 20 minutes.

Moroccanoil was used for the finishing touches; by using Moroccanoil treatment with hair dye process it helps to protect the hair from damage and increases color retention and shine.

In addition to this fabulous hair dye we of course completed my makeover with fresh new hair extensions! I really wanted to see how tape hair extensions would work for me but already had my doubts from the get go and here’s why: I’d tried tape extensions once before, this was about eight years ago or so, and at that time the extensions fell off in just few days. This was the only time I’ve ever tried tape with my extensions and did it by myself so I thought there is a chance I actually did something wrong to have this terrible outcome.

I told this to my hair dresser and we decided to try tapes but to also dye few packages of BLONG Multiway extensions that can be used as clip ins so in case the tapes would fall off this time too I would have the clip ins ready to go. BRILLIANT.

P.S. The coloring effect time for the hair extensions to get the same tone as my own hair: 2-5 minutes.

The BLONG pro extensions were set to go and we could now start attaching the tape extensions. This method is really easy and fast. Tape extensions are also gentle to your own hair, which was why I wanted to give it another try. I also dreamed of waking up with long beautiful hair instead of short whatever hair, haha, to be honest.

So what happened with the tape extensions? Sadly most of it fell off during my first two hair wash sessions and it seems tape is really not the right way to go in my case, no matter how super the tape is (and it was)! This is very rare to happen but for my hair it’s a no. Gladly I had the BLONG Multiway extensions ready to go and have been rokkin’ them now!

For the home treatment to keep my fresh pink vibes up I’ve been using Evo Fabuloso Pro conditioner during every hair wash and in addition used a hint of color mask once a week :)

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