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Mindset: humble

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Mindset: humble

I’d like to think that I don’t promote luxurious lifestyle or fake anything on my social media. I try my best to put out the best visual content I can and share something smart and motivational every now and then, and leave it up to you what you think of me and what I have to say. But if you know nothing about me yet, I would love for you to read this. I know almost no one wants to be inspired by things that matter anymore, but I hope to inspire at least one with this post.

I’ve been poor or had less than average incomes for most of my life. And when I say most of my life I mean I had a nice paycheck for 6 months in my life. Only for 6 months. This might not be an unusual thing if you are a twenty year old but I am 33.

Undeniably the circumstances of my chilhood has got something to do with the way I’ve been living my life and about my thoughts on money and financial wealth. No doubt. I’ve had to learn to live humbly and I recognize I also have a humble mindset which is the key why I’ve never started to chase financial wealth.

They say that poor parents rase poor children, or something like that. I partly believe that’s true; that is sometimes the heritage you leave to your chidren. If you always lack something (or most things) and never see how good money is made growing up it’s definitely harder to learn that later on. Not impossible, surely no, but harder. And I can honestly say I learned nothing about earning money growing up, only that we never had any. And because of that I’ve grown to appreaciate every-fukkin-thing I have. Nothing in this life has been served me in a silver platter - mostly we didn’t even had food in our platter.

I appreaciate how strong my circumstances has made me and that it gave me a chance to grow to this kind of mindset, a humble mindset, and after my teenage years I’ve never again been ashamed of my backrounds (as a teenager I was struggling with it but surely as a teenager you struggle with just about everything).

As an adult, in addition to the fact that I do not chase money, this has influenced me in many different ways. I never do something simply because I want to do it or buy something because I want it. That’s not a reason enough for me. I always reflect the way I value the things I have, what I think I deserve and how I justify what I deserve to myself. I try to see the difference in what I want and what I need and have never been the type of person to just aim to please or pamper myself. I want to earn shit, and work for the shit (am not talking about anything luxurious, just typical stuff like payimg bills and have some food in my fridge).

I also do my best to let to go of something to gain something. In very basic everyday life this might mean that I sell some of my clothes before I buy new ones, and not the other way around, and definitely not not doing this at all. If I were to need a new carpet I check out all the second hand sites and stores to find one and never march in to an actual store to get a new one. Anyone else like me out there?

The mindset where you just want, want and want something but ain’t willing to give up anything for it is mind blowing. I cannot relate to that. Nor want to. I really don’t think life is about always wanting and having bigger and better and more.

About people. I never shy away from anyone or discriminate anyone, and I wish all the best to everyone. And if I can help you with anything, even better! I trust that I understand a reasonable amount of versitile social classes. From what I’ve seen, even though I’d like my life to be a little bit easier at times to be honest, I would never trade my humble mindset for riches. With financial wealth too often comes arrogance, excessive need for comfort and lack of empathy. These are such curse words for me and I’d rather be kind to everyone for the rest of my life. Kindness really changes the world more than any amount of success or wealth. Wouldn’t you agree?

If you ever wonder why I smile so much it’s because I’m fukkin grateful.

P.S. I find myself regurarly being annoyed when I see someone post a picture in social media with some expensive item/brand and representing this certain lifestyle as something you should target for.

Feed the fire and stay humble! / Eeva.

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