If it's not matching your vision don't do it

They say to make art for others and that your artistic work is successful if it makes others feel something. I’m all about the vibes and feelings, oh hell, I can’t even work if I’m not vibrating in a certain level and feel like I’m giving birth to something awesome, but me, I mainly make art for me. When my work reaches my deepest core I consider it to be a success - no matter what anybody else thinks.

If you’re now thinking that surely one can’t work and try to build a business based on this kind of way of thinking I say think again. I don’t measure myself based on likeability metrics, my work to me is not about popularity game or about how easily it sinks in to everybody. I’m actually trying to care less and less all the time. I don’t need to reach all of you, just a fraction of you.

Let’s cut to the chase. Likeability to me is like vanilla. It makes you blend in and simply helps you to get trough life. I want something different and more importantly, want to create something different. If anybody can do it, I don’t want to do it.

A smart man resently said to me “If it’s not matching your vision don’t do it. Don’t work on anything that isn’t supporting your vision.” Hear, hear. It’s super easy to sometimes get lost in everything and say yes to everything, I think the harder part is to say no to something. But after hearing these words I’ve started to crop out so many projects and feel absolutely great about it.

Listen. We all have our own individual potential, wishes, goals and ways. One of my goals is to work smarter, not harder. And if I try to please everyone I end up pleasing no one, and least myself. That is not where I want to end up.

Whatever it is that you want for yourself and however you choose to work, do it for yourself. Believe in your work and what you put out there, even if no one else does. Be passioned, be uncompromising, and crazy in love with what you do. You don’t need a fanclub, you can be your own biggest fan and motivation.

Feed the fire! / Eeva

You don’t need a fanclub, you can be your own biggest fan and motivation.

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