Entrepreneur's Day

It's entrepreneur's day today and I feel the need to write something about entrepreneurship. In an ideal world I would tell you "work hard, focus on your goals and dream big - and you will get there." But we hardly live in an ideal world.

Entrepreneurship is not just about glitz and glamour, doing what you love, creating your own schedules and having the freedom to decide on everything. No. Us entrepreneurs have tons of dutys, have-to-dos, busy schedules, pressure, financial dilemmas, preparations and hard times. Most of the work we do is not visible to others - we work hard behind the scenes.

Most of our struggles aren't visible either. I get that we somewhat need to keep the image up and polished as businesses, for our businesses, but I'd also like to think that we can help eachother and build eachother up by sharing different phases of our journeys. If we all show only the good, shiny and success it will only give an untruthful image of entrepreneurship - and will not help anyone or change anything. It will create false images, more self-doubt, lack of courage and envy. That's not the direction we want to take, right?

What we also have is our vision, passion, ways of thinking outside the box, creativity, determination, ever growing professionalism, multitasking skills, high work ethics, hunger to learn. Just to mention a few. And what almost all of us have in common is our COURAGE. At some point we all have decided to take a leap of faith and start our journey as entrepreneurs. After that comes the courage to live the life of an entrepreneur. Many of us might have experienced struggles and decided to change things or let go of something, and yet had the courage to go on. We might have experienced misfortunes or sickness and still carried on. We might have faced doubt from others or from ourselves, and still stood strong. We, the entrepreneurs, are brave as hell, and I want each and every entrepreneur to remember that. Say thank you to YOURSELF today, for being such a brave person.

But bravery is not always about staying strong and optimistic in every single situation. Bravery can also mean the courage to take a break or even putting some of your dreams on hold. Entrepreneurship is something you can start and stop and start again. There's not only one way of being an entrepreneur and doing business, but morely entrepreneurship can be a state of mind and something that you always carry in your heart.

I know something about fear, doubt, uncertainty, stress, anxiety and pain. I know about loss, injustice and struggles. But I do not know about failure as I don't treat any of my steps, misfortunes or missed opportunities as a failure. We are all here to live a full life, to learn and be better. There's no failure in trying.

So what keeps me going? One thing that drives me as an entrepreneur and has driven from the beginning is my need to change the culture. The culture of working environment, team-work, working independently, leadership, ways of learning and teaching.

As an artist I also wish to change the culture. The way we see things, support eachother and build different sorts and size businesses.

I know I'm kind of an underdog and am not always doing things in the most conventional way. If I did, I wouldn't be able to eventually change anything.

Tell me, what drives you as an entrepreneur?

Feed the fire! / Eeva