Don't hide

Yesterday I had a chat about my personal style, about what style means to me and how was my style born. What are the key aspects and so on. Few things that really weighs a lot for me are a) I don't like the very obvious sexy or classic style and b) I'd rather be cool than beautiful and good looking.

As a woman it can be very easy to go with the good looking thing and that's just it; it's too easy and therefore kinda boring. That does not excite or inspire me, just to be honest. And if you have more layers and creativity, why not use them instead of the obvious assets?

But here's the catch. Nowadays I don't want to choose, I want to be both. At the age of 32 I really want to start enjoying the woman in me too.

For some period of my life I have tried to somewhat hide myself behind my casual style, hide the woman in me. Many people don't realize this as my style can sometimes be very bold, but I am battling with combining my womanhood and my style. This goes way back, dates back to the time when I've experienced jealousy from other girls, and therefore I eventually started to turn myself to be more casual, easier to approach, and started to act more like one of the guys. To be not the girly girl, as it was not easy among the other girls.

So it's not just about switching the oversized hoodies to more fitted ones. To change my style actually starts with changing my beliefs and having the courage to break some old habits.

Tell me, is there something you battle with when it comes to your personal style?

Feed the fire and don't hide! / Eeva

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