When we are born we are not questioning ourselves, we aren't born with doubt. The things we are drawn to are very natural to us. It's only the moment when the world starts to show us what is wrong with us and tell us how we should and should not be when we start doubting ourselves.

That is when we start to change, when we start to mold into something different. Some of the changes are for good as the world shows us how to get by and survive, but not all of it is good. We might feel the pressure to hold ourselves down or even hide some of our features, physical and mental ones, that actually makes us the unique way we are.

When the world is constantly trying to push us into it's desired direction and the general cultural trend is young people trying to mold their personal image directly off of popular personalities, for me, it produces an opposite reaction.

I'm not immune to the pressure in it's entirety, though. I've had this period now where I've been trying to redefine myself as a person, as a woman, as a blogger, as an artist and as a part of this society. It bounces off from a natural need for change and growth. Still, it's not easy to just ignore the world that is surrounding us, while striving for our personal change.

There are mirrors everywhere reflecting who we are and who we should be to fit in, mirrors like other people, society and needless to say, social media. I try my best to treat those mirrors as a test that measures if I can stay authentic to my true self. The most important reflection you ever need to focus on is your own. The only standard of happiness you need to meet is your own.

I know I'm not what the society wants me to be. I'm not what is easy, general and would be most beneficial to the society. But what I just remembered is that I am bold, I am edgy and I am unique. I will not be bottled up to taste like boring vanilla, the only vanilla I want in my life is candles.

Let's have a celebration of our uniqueness and for once say "No fucks given".

Feed the fire! / Eeva