Glitter 25 x Stockholm

Last weekend I had a quick visit to one of the most beautiful cities of Scandinavia, Stockholm, attendining to Glitter 25 year event. I was super excited about the trip for a) I love Stockholm and b) I heard that Glitter arranges great events -and so they did, so they did.

I'm not the most familiar face in blogger events, as I'm way too introvert to attend these social events by myself, but gladly this time I was one of the six influencers flown to the event from Finland. I was very honored for them to pick me as part of the group, and happily joined these awesome personas @nikosaarinen and @henryharjusola, and these babes @irenenaakka, @erikanaakka and @johannaturpeinen. We were a motley crew, but a functional one, and really enjoyed eachothers company!

With that being said I want to dedicate a #mcm aka Man Crush Monday to Niko Saarinen and Henry Harjusola whom really made my trip. They are not social media personalities for nothing, that I can say, and I can't remember when was the last time I've laughed as hard as with them!

So how was the actual event like? Well I'm glad to say that firstly the location was spot on. It was a compact space with moody atmosphere and a hint of underground vibe, just the way I like it. All of the decorations were beautiful from lights to tea cups, and the coolest part was a lady enjoying a bath full of pearls (where our queen Henry also had his own bath of course). There was a fortune teller, pool table, tattooer who made free tattoos, talented artists performing and the best kind of music as well.

All the coolest influencers were present as well, like you would imagine, but still it came as a surprise for me to see so many familiar faces and huge influencers from Instagram such as Angelica Blick, Madeleine Bitici, Julian Hernandez (@mrjulls) and the mega babe Fanny Lyckman. I've told you guys in many occations that Fanny is one of my few style icons so let me be very clear; it was freakin great to meet her face to face and it was the icing of the cake for me. I think my heart skipped few beats talking with her, but it's quite okay baby, it's okay. Also Lisa Anckarman ( was there whom I've met before, and she is such a sweetheart and a goddes too!

We stayed at hotel Scandic Anglais where I quickly took my two casual outfit selfies, one from the minute we arrived to our hotel and another just before leaving to the event. I had that time of the month so there was no way for me to wear nothing but loose tops ahah, (am I the only one who looks like six months pregnant while on my periods?), but it made it easy for me to stay true to my style which is mostly casual and saved me from any outfit crisis. Thank God, right? I wasn't feeling very glamorous as I never actually do, but felt at ease, and that is the most important thing wherever I'm going. Feeling uncomfortable is not nice at all and it always shows, and that is why it's the key to my style any day.

And just a quick note, now that I have these two pictures side by side on show and you can clearly see my hair is lighter on the other one. I mentioned this in my IG story last week and want to share it with you guys too. If you want or need to get your hair lighter for a day just use Batiste dry shampoo either in rose gold or bare. For me it comes very handy as my shorter extensions (or should I say hair thickening pieces) are much lighter than my longer extensions and it makes all the difference in the world. A quick life saver!

Okay, that's it for now, thank you again for the amazing time Glitter Sweden and Glitter Suomi and to my motley crew, thanks for your great company and see you guys again!

Stay blessed and feed the fire! / Eeva