Hey big spender

As some of you might know I'm not a big spender and the truth is, I never have been. I come from a poor family and I was never taught the skills of spending money wisely - or making money. The only thing I've ever known about money is to not to be reckless with it.

I don't count every penny I use, I just try to spend as little money as possible. Nowadays it has a lot to do with my values and has become a natural part of my life since I started living more of an artistic lifestyle .There are, of course days, when I wish I had some extra to spend, but that's not something I let ruin any of my day.

Last week I read a blog artickle where the writer counted all the money she spend for the whole week and I thought, I should do this too! If I remember correctly she spend a total of 700 euros, no bills included, and I thought that is so much.

Now let's see how I did with my money last week!

MONDAY: A can of cream 0,8 € and a 12 € cocktail to celebrate my friend's birthay.

TUESDAY: Groceries from Lild, including toalet paper and soaps, 18 €.

WEDNESDAY: Rye chips and a chocolate bar 5 €. Gorillapod from a webstore 36 €.

THURSDAY: 3 small ciders 6 €.

FRIDAY: Chicken nuggets 4 €, nicotine liquids for my electric cigarette 20 €, a self tan 18 €, tanning mit 6 €, 2 week season for my travel card 28 € and 2 glasses of white wine in a birthay dinner 26 €.

SATURDAY: Chocolate bar and a take away coffee 3 €.

SUNDAY: Chicken fillets and dog food 10 €.


This was in many ways not a typical week for me. Usually I work more, stay home more, cook more and only drink one glass of wine at some point. But this particular week I really needed to spend quality time with my friends and did not want to worry too much about money.

I also had not one but two long shooting days that did not support my healthier eating habits.  I usually do not buy any snacks, nuggets or such, the only graving I have 24/7 is chips. Still I did not eat at restaurants nor did I fall for take away meals, that is just not my style.

The Gorillapod was also something extra this week. Not an impulse buy, but something I've wanted to try out for a while. If I hadn't bought the Gorillapod I'm sure I would have bought something else like a new top, just to treat myself a bit. I don't treat myself often, as I proritize my everyday food / cooking and will not compromise too much with it.

There's not much I could have saved this week, but still, I'm not impressed. 192,80 € is still too much for me to spend in one week period.

I would love to know your thoughts, do you know or do you think you have a realistic idea of how much you are spending in your everyday stuff in one week?

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