Stylist picks - Racer style and other pants

It's time for a style inspiration post again and no, it's not so different from the last one I did in July, but more narrowed, though. This time I wanted to do the inspiration post about one of the themes I brought up the last time: Racer style.

As I told you guys before the clothing with this specific style is not the easiest to find - nor is it the cheapest wardrobe to build. SADLY. With small incomes one can only dream about these pieces and brands.

Nevertheless, I really want to give shout outs to the dopest brands at the moment and specifically their selections of pants.

Vintage pieces 2 die for + Instagram @herfavoritela

Cargo style pants are still one of my biggest desires alongside the racer pants. Would love to cop a pair in camel and dark blue, which both can be found in I am Gia store. Usually I've always worn loose pants with sneakers but this Fall would definitely rock them with boots too!

Model @emdavies___

I am Gia offers much style inspiration and has a wide range of the dopest pants so please do check them out! and Instagram

Really wanna cop

Raiced By Champions is one of my favorite brands, every day I'm excited to see what they have come up with. They have the coolest details in a ug kind of way and that is, totally my thing. Raiced By Champions has a range of lit hoodies and jackets, but I was very excited to see these pants on their collection too. If only I had the money..


And surely this style inspiration post would not be complete without Rihanna's newest Fenty X Puma racer style looks. When I had the first glimpse of the show my heart literally skipped few beats and I was mentally drooling all over my laptop. Rihanna is my style icon and also most definitely one of my favorite designers at the moment as she so fiercely does her own thing, keeping it youthful, exciting, and different from the rest. RESPECT.