Beauty in strange places - Photoshoot by Eeva Roots

Time for another photoshoot release that I did few weeks ago with always so stylish Venla!

Like usual, I was about to take my gorgeous model to a close by area which I had spotted a while ago but on our way I saw another suitable spot that I felt like trying. It was a back of a very plain gas station with a chair and trash pick ups - so obviously a PERFECT place to shoot, right? I see beauty and opportunities in strange places sometimes, I know, and we had a good laugh from the fact that I told her to pose next to trash pick up. She nailed it though.

While shooting I noticed the mood of the pictures were getting really fresh and bright and I kind of liked it, which was a total surprise for me that I could actually like the more perky mood, so we added some playfulness with smiles and such. Venla has a quite unique look yet she's still very classically beautiful so smile really suits her, it brings the mega babe out of her, in my opinion!

At this point I was very sure I'd be editing the shots by leaving them bright BUT all it took was one moody test edit and my mind was changed. Hah. There's just no denying that I like my visuals dark and somewhat mysterious, so let's not fight it.

Feed the fire! / Eeva

PHOTOS: Eeva Roots / Instagram @eevarootsvisuals

MODEL AND MUAH: Venla / Instagram @venlaveronika

STYLE: Team work