Minimal - Photoshoot by Eeva Roots

I feel like I have really found my own style with my photography art and don't feel any need to convince people about my style at this point. I strongly feel I have created my own "thing" and one thing that I did not expect coming out of this is, that I could feel comfortable doing shoots that somewhat differ from my usual style.

One thing that has certainly changed is that I feel less pressure nowadays while shooting. Pressure for me is good though, and not at all something to avoid in general as it plays the role of a fuel for me, but this also allows me to do shoots with a minimal effort in planning. It's a nice change from my usual habits and just shows I'm growing to be more and more comfortable while shooting.

This set with David is a great example of the minimal planning. He wore what he liked, and we randomly selected a shooting location while driving around in his car. The only thing I knew beforehand was that he has this great new hairstyle - and that was enough for me to set my fire on. And you folks know I really can not shoot without the fire!

The outcome is somewhat different from my usual stuff, it's about the small things that made both David and I say this looks a bit different. But I liked it! I think the set is fresh and also suitable for a male model, thought we didn't try to strictly get model portfolio photos this time either.

Let me know your thoughts!

Feed the fire! / Eeva

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