Quick hello

Hi Homies! I'm sorry I haven't been updating my blog for a while, but I've been super busy with just about everything! Sometimes the amount of things to be done gets to be kind of overwhelming, especially when youre doing so many different things, and I simply have to do serious prioritizing - work and duties always come first for me, but I promise to post more shortly!

With that being said I'm super happy that I can take few days off this week and have some serious FUN! On Friday I'll be attending to Fullsteam's 15th anniversary party where The Sounds will be performing! YEY! I have been a fan for years and have seen The Sounds live 2 times, but it's been many years since the last time so I'm super excited about this one!

On Saturday it's also a special day as it's time for another Kallio Block Party again, and this is officially the first year I'm living RIGHT HERE so it has even more special feel on it when this kind of events take place on my hoods. My Kallio, aah! <3

For both of these events I try to keep busy posting videos and pictures on my IG Story, so if you're not able to attend feel free to follow my stories during this weekend!

And can we just have a moment for the cutest shoes ever! Found these Calvins yesterday from Aleksi 13 (a store I literally never visit!). I've been wanting a pair of platform sneakers since forever and I can't believe my luck; they were on SALE! Go grab yourself a pair if you too love these!

Feed the fire! / Eeva

PHOTOS: Eeva Roots

SHOES: Calvin Klein / Aleksi 13


TEE: Zara Man