Pause - Photoshoot by Eeva Roots

Been waiting to shoot with Yami for months but we've had the baddest of luck each and every time with the weather - it was raining like 6 times in a row when we were supposed to do a shoot. Such a bore, right?

As time went by the expectations and pressure grew as I was sure we would get something cool done, just did not know what, like, at all. Finally a week ago we both had an early afternoon free and decided to shoot, still at this time, with no actual idea.

Once I got to Yami's place who had just moved, I noticed he had done some painting work recently and still had his covers for painting on the floor. When we thought of the ideas, places and looks for him he surprisingly suggested we could shoot him with some paint. I loved the idea and the amazing part is that I had actually thought about photos with white paint the night before, just didn't say anything to him! Crazy, uh? We then splashed some white paint on his body and face and as we both felt the images needed a cigarette so it would really have the feel of a "cigarette break after painting" I then ran outside to bum a smoke as we don't actually smoke.

I always avoid shooting inside and especially next to white walls so this was a huge challenge for me. It was also quite hard to shoot at his small place with my 50mm 1.8 as I wanted to capture him in all his glory but as it just happens these two close up portraits were the killer shots after all, so all good in the end!

I personally really love these photos and feel like they do tell a story - even if the story is half fake! And I can't get over of how much he looks like David Beckham in the first picture!

I'm ecstatic that many others have loved these too; I posted this two picture set to a facebook group of photographers and models and as I'm writing this post there's currently 692 likes on the post! That is an amazing amount of likes but you would have to be in the group to have the understanding of the valuation. This set of Yami has got people needing some major painting work (by Yami of course!) and has turned straight men to gay.

But honestly, can you blame them?

Feed the fire! / Eeva