Circumstances doesn't make me who I am, they reveal who I have chose to be.

"Circumstances doesn't make me who I am, they reveal who I have chose to be."

It's pretty easy to be happy when everything goes well in your life, but do you actually know how to be happy when things are not going as planned or as you have hoped? Those times when life is not that easy? I hope you do.

We all wish to be happy and happiness is surely something to pursue. To me happiness is not something I strive to achieve ONCE I get something, succeed in something or find something. Happiness is a state of mind and can be found anywhere - all it requires is your presence.

Life basically builds around the basic stuff, the everyday situations, the common things. We all have our routines, schedules, jobs to to, sleepless nights, people to look after, worries, dinners to cook, homes to clean, grocerys to buy, bills to pay and such. There's no escaping that. (Unless you are a totally free spirit and live with no responsibilities but that's a whole other story.)

In addition we have our moments of joy, success, adventures and love, those highlight moments that all play a part of our life. But life does not consist strictly from the highlights and it's foolish to chase only those and base your happiness on such moments. How will you feel the rest of the time?

I've been living a hectic pase for a while, and a financially challenging pase for a longer period of time. Has that stopped me from being happy? Absofuckinglutely not. Do I need outside motivators to keep me going? I actually don't. Who I am, what I do and how I live my life does not depend on current situations or other peoples opinions. But what I have come to realise is that as I stay true to myself, work hard and chase my own personal vision with all of my heart it has started to open up some doors and has reached people, more and ore each day.

I don't do things to get noticed or to gain attention, as that is not happiness to me. (And let be clear, if I were to do things only to gain attention I would sure as hell do things way differently!) If I succeed to build a life and career that contains the things I love to do it is basically just extra. And don't get me wrong, I am a very determined and business-minded woman, but most of all, I am very passionate - and passion is what shows. I refuse to apologize my passion and mentality; those things have gotten me this far, - but rather I would like to help you to own your passion and great mentality too.

Happiness is decision, it's a mental thing more than anything, and requires self-awareness. We tend to place the responsibility of our own happiness to someone else's hands or better yet, blame it on circumstances. What you need to remember is that life is ot happening to you - life is responding to you. Start with being true to yourself and look for happiness inside you and the rest will follow.

I'd like to finish off today's post with a power song that I've been listening to for days and feeds my happiness. I also listened this song the whole time I took these pictures last night in a beautiful sunset. That explains why I ,for once, am smiling so hard in these pictures!

Feed the fire! / Eeva

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