Your words will live on - Lyrical custom jacket

If you know anything about me I'm pretty sure you already know I've always been a huge fan of diy culture and customization. I have modified my clothes since a teenager. When I started modifying my clothes it was originally because the clothes would not fit me but as I got older I started customizing my clothes for more of my liking and it wasn't all about the fit anymore.

I took my passion for customization to the next level when I started my own clothing company and clothing line. What people don't know is that my original plan was to create and sell customized leather jackets, the same style you can spot in Christian Benner store. No joke, I had the same idea from the jackets as well as how the store would look like, and even bought some store decoration same style he has in his store so I was dead serious. So if you've ever wondered why I'm such a huge fan of Benner's work this is the reason. And ofc, he is extremely talented and a wonderful person in addition, and there's much to look up to. Please check out Christian Benner Custom here:

Though my company never had the chance to specialize in custom leather jackets (money talks) and though I don't have my company running a the moment the passion for unique clothing with personal touch did not disapper.

For a while I was planning on customizing my old leather jacket and had just been waiting for the right idea. I only knew what tones I would use; copper, white, cream and a hint of black. When Chester Bennington past away the vision came clear to me, the answer was so obvious - I would fill my jacket with lyrics from different Linkin Park songs.

This jacket is 100% dedicated to the memory of Chester Bennington and though what happened kills me inside I wear this jacket with pride and most of all with the deepest of love. These words have meant so much to me and they will always live on.

I am a spokesperson for individuality and personal style and this jacket is my greatest masterpiece yet. Mostly for the message and meaning behind it, but also as the jacket turned out freakin awesome. Just saying. And let me be clear on something - you should always be your biggest fan. There's nothing quite like putting your work out there if you are the biggest believer of yourself, and the more you put your heart on your work the more it shows.

Also the thing about custom clothing is that when you create something yourself, and create it from the bottom of your heart, it gets a totally different meaning than anything you could ever buy. For me, being creative with clothing and style is way more fulfilling than owning expensive designer pieces. Who's with me on this?


Yes I'm really casually talking on the phone the same time I'm doing my shoots.

Yes I'm really casually talking on the phone the same time I'm doing my shoots.

PHOTOS: Eeva Roots

LEATHER JACKET: Customized by Eeva Roots


BOOTS: Simmi London

For some backround information and more about the meaning of Chester Bennington and Linkin park please read my post about Chester's death here: )