Let me entertain you

In a fashion blogging world a lot of the content seems to be about creating simple entertainment. Content that is fast, has a short-term effect and is really easy to feed.

Fashion blogging is no longer about individuality. It's more about mediocrity. Fashion blogging today is about fitting in with the crowd when a personal blog used to be a place for individuals to share their style and tell about lifestyle.

But blogs aren't that personal anymore but more like businesses.

I'm not really unaware of the industry and how it works. Easy content is literally easy and shallow people are easier to sell. Internet consumers enjoy the shorts burst of inspiration and information. And it can be an actual turn-off to the consumer who is mainly looking to find that easy and light content when she or he stumbles across to something more deptful.

I, personally, really enjoy reading, learning, having insights and educating myself. (And I'm not talking about makeup hacks.) Finding deptful content and inspiration for life.

I have always questioned the stereo type of being a fashion blogger. I'm not talking just about myself but morely the concept itself. It does not quite fit into my head why bloggers and fashion bloggers so often chose to mainly write about fashion, beauty and trends. But let me be clear, I'm not saying fashion bloggers shouldn't include these topics on their blogs, as I am well aware they are a part of the lifestyle and concept. What I mean is that I would love to read more about actual LIFE and what these people are about underneath it all. Would love to hear the actual voices of other fashion bloggers; hear what they have to say about society, problems, success, struggles, careers, work, relationships and values.

I'm mainly into opinion influencing, as that is what generates smarter, stronger, more understanding, and kinder people to our society.

In defence of fashion bloggers I'd like to state that liking pretty things does not make you shallow. Wearing heavy makeup does not make you shallow. Being shallow is what makes you shallow. As weird as it may sound superficiality is build on a deeper level.

Entertainment is also what we like and actually need in our lives. But I'm guestioning the amount of the entertainment. Shouldn't there be more of something else or is it just me who's hungry for what's underneath?

Tell me, what type of topics would you like to see or read more about on your favorite blogs in general? And is there something specific you'd like to see me get my hands on?

Here for indivuduality, (not for entertainment). Feed the fire! / Eeva

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