Trend view and personal have to haves
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and pure dopeness / Fanny Lyckmann

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With everything that is hanging, like belts, elastic bands, chains...

Retro vibes

in classic color / HYPEBAE

The items that not that long ago seemed ugly to some are now pure gold. Tracksuits, tracksuit pants and wind breakers, just to mention a few. I recommend the classic colors (red, white, blue and black) to keep the ensemble visually clean; that is an easy way to bring the classics to this date without looking like you're attending to a retro disco.

New classic

Supreme / Fanny Lyckman

Supreme is simply huge at the moment and has been for a while. I personally try to keep away from the hottest trends in my own way as I don't feel like you have to have just the exact brands or items to look cool in street fashion scene, and that is also not something I wish to promote. I stand more for individuality and creativity. Still, there's no denying that Supreme is becoming a classic.

What I would definitely want to rock myself, too, is these briefs, and Ialso completely fell in love with one of the newest Supreme hooded jackets, but I already know I would not put that much money on a jacket - so that's it for me.


major details

Off-White + FILA

/ blvckd0pe

Racer babe

/ Fanny Lyckman

Racer themed clothes are my biggest love at the moment. Just about anything that has to do with some kind of hobby including wheels. What I love is the colors, patterns and details. There can be lots of details and still it looks freakin dope.

Is this style easy to find? No. It takes some seroius effort to find any racer themed pieces and that makes me wanna cry myself to sleep. Like in many occasions, my personal style is mostly about compromises. How I dress is nothing compared to how I would actually want to dress. Still, I keep searcing for clothes and accessories that would help me to showcase racer style in one way or another!

Colored camo pants

For all my life I have not liked any other camo colors than the classics. Green and also earthy tones. At the moment the key piece I really want is cargo camo pants in red-white-black. If you happen to spot the red ones anywhere, please holla at me!

That's it for the day, hope you guys enjoyed my trend view!

Keep feeding the fire! / Eeva