Markus - Photoshoot by Eeva Roots 6/2017

Few weeks back we had a quick photoshoot with Markus, with whom I have shoot once before. It always feels easier to have a second photoshoot with someone as you already know how the first time went and how you work together. You can somewhat plan ahead what you will focus on and what to avoid.

I felt pretty confident or at least in ease this time to shoot with Markus so I did not plan anything else than the location. I wanted to shoot in metro station at Kaisaniemi as I love the lights there. We went up and down a couple of times to capture few shots and that was literally it! And tough I love the lights I was not too crazy about the actual tones of the lights so I changed them in post processing more to my liking.

I had planned only to get few good head shots but as we got them so quickly I felt hungry for more and so we decided to check out another metro station and got few more shots at Kalasatama station.

What I loved was that we found this spot with a gleam of light. The spot was really plain and not that interesting, but sometimes the most simple things can work, right?! These few shots are very minimalistic to me and the only editing I did was literally with curves and nothing else, to keep them as simple as possible.

As you may have noticed from the close ups I really love Markus's beautiful eyes and the blonde hairdo as he looks so interesting with his naturally dark features mixed with these elements. That is why I focused on the portraitures, but Markus also has a great style and I wanted to capture few outfit shots too. Keeping them simple too, but with a touch of moodyness.

Tell me, what shots do you like and why?

Feed the fire! / Eeva