Summer Up 2017 & Festival Style

Got to mark another thing off of my Summer's bucket list as I attended to Summer Up 2017 this weekend, yey! "Experience music Festival" was one of the biggest wishes on my list as I haven't had the chance to attend in any festivals in few years, and if you know me you also know live music is the best thing there is for me.

My original plan was to go later on Friday so I would have the energy to spend the whole Saturday there (yes I'm so old I really have to plan these things ahead), but things changed the moment I got a ride to the Festivals earlier on Friday. At that point I decided just to go with the flow and it was actually a really good desicion as I enjoyed my time SO MUCH.

My friends and the people I knew were all working at the festivals so I spend some time by myself but also got to know new people; which is always a great thing and festivals are maybe the best place to do that. Even if you are an introvert like myself, there's really no chance you'll end up being alone the whole time!

Often it is so easy to share these kinda moments with your friends but I have always loved experiencing little adventures by myself as it leaves more space to unexpected things to happen!

Usually when I go to see live shows they are mostly rock scenery related. There's something about the rock n' roll lifestyle I just can't get enough of - and hope I never will! Nowadays I'm pretty sure I'll be experiencing more and more shows from hip hop and rap artists as my work has slowly taken me more to that scenery. I'm more than okay with that as there's no chance I could ever not be open about differerent kind of music scenes - and the hip hop related shows I've seen so far have been fire, so there's that too!

On Friday I got to see Kube perform for the first time in my life in Summer Up and I have to say he's THE MAN. I was wowed by him and his music and I can already promise you guys this won't be the last time I attend to his show. Big hands up for Kube, keep ruling!

Another great artist in Summer Up that day was Machine Gun Kelly, who was the headliner on Friday. I don't understand how can I have been living in a bubble but this was actually the first time ever I EVEN HEARD HIS MUSIC. How crazy is that?! The show was sick good and I can say from the bottom of my heart that I am a huge fan now. No doubt. His gig was one of the highlights of my life and I can only imagine how I will feel the next time I see him live! Huge thanks and congrats for team Summer Up for having / getting him as a headliner to the Festivals, I'm personally forever grateful to have experienced his show and can't wait too see more of him!

HUGE THANKS to Summer Up Festival for having me and to all who viewed my IG stories on weekend! The event was a killer, BOOM!

Hope to be able to attend again next year for the whole weekend, and I highly recommend you guys won't miss it either as this Festival has been getting bigger and bigger each year!

Feed the fire! / Eeva

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