Play List - Things to do this Summer

Halfway Summer here in Finland and between all the working I've been sketching a play list for myself, as a reminder of the things I still want to do in Summer 2017! This was a brilliant idea, as now, whenever I have a day off or even a half day off, I can just look trough my play list and pick something to do. It's like a bucket list, but a very modest version of one! ;)

The other reason why I decided to make the list is because the last Summer time was not that good for me as I was going trough a heavy break-up and I really want to catch up the time I lost!

Now let's see the things I have on my list!

1. Wear a girly flower dress at least once.  Done two times already and let me just tell you; guys go crazy when they see a happy girl in a classic summer dress! #winning!

2. Experience at least one music festival. I actually wrote down in my calender "Summer Up 2017" to make it happen and guess what, I'm now going to Summer Up Festival this weekend! Gonna be so good and I promise to update next week!

3. Dance in the rain. Preferably naked. Allthough it's been raining more than EVER this summer, I'm still waiting for the perfect moment to do this, as I really don't feel like running nude in the streets of Kallio. And this is also something I would rather share with someone!

4. Visit Turku. I have NEVER been in Turku, how crazy is that? This might happen too, and again, I'll update if,how and when it does! ;)

5. Party in Teurastamo. Done! Best party of the Summer, Beyonce party in B Side Bar! C you again next year!

6. Go eat chicken wings at Siipiweikot. They are the best. Gonna happen soon as they just opened a place in Helsinki last week! Yey!

7. Have a picnic in Esplanad park. Done! Esplanad park is the perfect place to chill and have a picnic while watching local people and tourist walking by. It's a classic.

8. Have a lovely dinner outside with live music. This one is somewhat hard as we don't have too many outdoor venues where you can dine and have the live show. I would prefer a setting where I can wear heels and a dress and go all fine and stuff, but a dinner at beach with an acoustic guitar would be quite okay too! Anyone, come play for me? Waiting for applications, heh.

9. Get a ride with motorcycle. Done! It's such a rush for me and I really hope to have more rides this Summer!

10. Have a barbeque. Anywhere. If it starts to seem like this won't happen there's always the other option; to spend a night at Cafe Regatta and grill, it is the cutest place ever!

11. Participate in pool party. This should be kinda easy as we have a new place in Katajanokka, Helsinki, called Allas Sea Pool. There's dj's, live shows and full moon parties, and you can have drinks on the pool. This is super exotic to us Finnish folks, just so you know!

12. Spend a night at a tent. I would actually love to go camping, but not sure with who, when and where! If you have great experiences in a specific camping area please recommend it to me! It can aso be kinda tricky to find the company for this, as girls don't usually like to go camping, haha.

13. Participate or organize a playfal war with squirt guns. You know, those water plasters. I'm pretty sure I won't be finding this kinda event any time soon, so I'll just have to start planning and organizing it myself! Who's in?!

14. Spend a day in Linnanmäki. ( It's an amusement park in Helsinki. )  I think I will arrange a photoshoot with someone in Linnanmäki and just get waisted after that and have multiple rides in the old classic roller coaster.

15. Visit Berlin. This just might be the most important thing on my play list. I don't know why but I have a feeling I will move to Berlin at some point, at least for a while, so I really want to see what it's about. But seriosly, the German language sounds so awful I'm not sure if I could stand living there!

16. Get drunk in Suomenlinna and spend a fun day there. Noticed that I wrote get drunk first in the sentence? Yeah. I really don't want to experience a boring tourist tour kinda day there but rather get to know new people, maybe play some football and go swimming.

18. And lastly, party in Mummotunneli! Done two times already and I guess it will be my favorite place to party this Summer as there's nothing quite like Mummotunneli. It's an outdoor venue with both live music and dj's and the best part is that there's no teen agers or people getting bored and sitting in corners. I highly recommend to experience it!

So that was my play list for the Summer and thouhg there might be few other things I wish to do in addition I also have to be realistic as I live in rainy and cold Finland where the Summer time is really short!

Tell me, what are your greatest or most simple but fun plans for this Summer and do you think you might also sketch your own play list for the Summer?

Feed the fire! / Eeva

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