Dark horse

There are thousands and thousands of bloggers only in Finland and maybe millions around the world. So many blogs have turned into advertising channels, and though there's NOTHING WRONG WITH sharing your thoughts and reviews about the things you love, like to use or really believe in; let's just face it, it's hardly ever about that nowadays.

So do blogs and Instagram accounts have a huge marketing potential? Absolutely yes. Does any blog or a socia media site have a huge marketing potential? Absolutely not.

Influencing is not just about advertising and I would more likely say it's more about making an impact. If you make your blog all about advertising it can absolutely offer your readers information about products that some may find interesting and helpful, but does it actually mean you are influencing and if so, in what matter? When I see or read paid reviews from bloggers mostly I just feel empty and they leave a shallow image to themselves in my mind. Like, it's just a surface, and maybe also an act, and it's the least I'm interested in.

When you ask me about blogging and influencing my answer is and always will be "content".

Your brand usually builds around your personality, professionalism and/or expertise. It's about differentiate from the crowd with these features and should be used as a cornerstone - that is, if you are personal brand or a company brand.

In my personal opinion the best you can do is to do something original and interesting. TO STAND OUT WITH CONTENT.

One thing that advertisers are not able to see is how the bloggers actually promote the items after they've got their money from their post (and even before that). Are they participating in conversations, are they saying good things about the brand and are they even answering to any questions, comments or messages they might receive. From what I've seen in these past few years the answer is NO. No they do not answer or engage.

To me it's always been very clear, since the day I started my clothing company to this date I'm building my personal brand that I never fail to reply to messages and also do my very best to reply to any given comment on my social media sites. Even the way you reply to your emails or DM's tells a lot about YOU and what does it say about you if you tend to ignore the comments, messages and feedback you are receiving? Think about it for a second.

Your job as a blogger or influencer does not stop at the moment you receive your paycheck, or at least it shouldn't, if you are a professional.

You don't see me doing lots of advertising on my blog and that is mainly for few reasons; a) I only advertise the things I choose to, b) I don't approach brands or companies and c) companies in Finland still only stare at the blog statics and fail to see the entirety.

So does this make me a dark horse in a blogging and influencer scene, or a person with credibility? I would say both. I believe I'm an ideal choise for a collabration as it's not just about the number of clicks to affiliate links but also about how you represent the brand, how you engage and what message are you sending out. Collabrations are not just about making money in an instant, it's helping brands to build credibility, brand image and a good reputation.

To brands: Get to know the people behind their social media sites and make sure you pick the right type of people to strenghten your brand image.

Bloggers: Make sure your work does not end once you've received your paycheck.

Stay true and feed the fire! / Eeva

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