Talk accessory to me - Collabration LD WEST

When it comes to accessories my choise is minimalism. You don't see me wearing earrings, necklaces or any other jewelry, (except my mother's ring, I never take it off). The only time I love my chains is when I embrace my rocker side and that is not too often anymore. Jewelry and accessories for ladies are mostly too girly, shiny and the overall look can easily come across too put together and polished: both which I dislike in my personal style.

What I do love is some key accessories and pieces, such as clear glasses, caps and sometimes bandanas. (Oh, you know I love my glasses. I should defenetely dedicate one post purely to glasses.)

But what I love even more is holsters. They both accent my not that ladylike style but also free me from handbags. Holsters are simply a perfect way to show your edgy style and tell 'em you are a badass. And last but certainly not least, they are functional and great looking!

The only brand I have seen to make holsters is LD WEST. I got my first LD WEST holster back in Spring 2016 and though the measures of that particular holster was for iPhone 4 I have still wore it faithfully ever since, as there's no getting over the fact that its' so damn cool.

But now I'm glad to say I finally got my second holster for the measures of my Huawei Mate 8! (The size is similar to iPhone 6 btw ). This time I chose a beautiful vintage look, light brown color, which I have been dreaming about, well, almost for a year and a half, so basically from the very moment I found LD WEST! This holster will be my number one key accessory for the Summer - and beyond.

Have a closer look..

...and do visit LD WEST website and Instagram page for more info and inspiration!

And Homies; I have a promo code unique to my Instagram and webpage for my fans/readers to use on your purchase of any LD West Holster. It's good for 10% off on holsters or purchases over $89.99 (the starting price of a single holster). The code will expire on August 31st, 2017!

The promo code is EEVAROOTS

Feed the fire! / Eeva