Work hard + Play hard

This past week or so has been amazing, just amazing. I can't emphasize enough how much it means to me to meet, know and mostly to get to work with such talented and impressive people. I think I am curently the happiest I have ever been and it's so exciting..

Working makes me so happy at the moment. Doing creative things and getting to use my skills and knowledge on new things. Sharing thoughts and opinions - but mostly sharing passion and determination with other creatives.

I have always said it's not important how many people like you or your work. It's about finding the RIGHT PEOPLE who you connect with.

I have also got to enjoy the summer between all the working which is really nice.

I got to spend a really nice evening with one of my dearest friends. We've both been so busy we haven't had time for eachother and what's funny about this is that he lives just around the corner. Hah.

I had a picnic with other close friend in Esplanad park, which I haven't had the opportinity to do in few years but should be done at least once every summer.

I finally went to see a movie to Riviera Kallio, which is a freakin awesome place at Harjukatu. Most of the time I've been too busy to go there but the shows have also been fully booked often. I saw "All Eyez On Me" that is Tupac Shakur's biography. What a nostalgy trip!

As a cherry on top of the cake I went to see Dilemma's show on Sunday and it was the first time for me. Live shows are the best thing there is, no matter the place or crowd, I always feel so alive and somehow fulfilled. I can't wait to see Dilemma in full action and on bigger stage though, as this was a late night Sunday gig with few other artists and the sunday parties are not fully on yet! :)

Oh well, this was only a week of my life and I'm just getting started with the summer, so I'm convinced there's plenty of great times ahead for me!

Feed the fire! / Eeva

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