Hide And Seek - Photoshoot by Eeva Roots 6/2017

Last night I had an interesting photoshoot. Interesting firstly because me and my model did not have accurate plans about the shoot, we had just changed few reference photos. She told me what she liked and I had only picked a place to shoot. I did not know what she would wear or how she would look, and usually I pick the locations based on the look, tones and more precise plans of the overall idea.

Interesting secondly because she wowed me. Seriously she did. I had only met her once before last night and I knew she was drop dead gorgeous and super sweet, but I did not know how she would act on a set. I was pleasently surprised of how open, open-minded, and easy going she was. She was spontaneus, easy to direct and had such gorgeous poses. We had lots of fun and worked well together, and to me, I feel like we did some magic together!

It was a rush and I fell in love with many of the photos, and when I fall in love it's a life long love affair.. #lifeofacreative

This set, "Hide And Seek", is the first of the three we did with Sarah last night. Hope you guys love it as much as I do!

Feed the fire! / Eeva

PHOTOS: Eeva Roots - INSTAGRAM: @eevaroots and @eevarootsphotography

MODEL: Sarah - INSTAGRAM: @sarhbel