Summer's favorite heels

The Summer has officially arrived and though I mostly troughout the year feel more comfortable in casual style and loose clothing in summer time I also enjoy looking like a W-O-M-A-N. Well, at times that is!

What it means I get excited about wearing heels as most of the year it's either cold, rainy or snowy in here. If you don't feel too comfortable in heels and dressy outfits you don't have to get all girly and shit at once but rather start with pairing your favorite heels with baggy shirts or hoodies. Heels are the perfect way to spice up your look even if you were to wear the same outfits you normally would with your sneakers. As the Summer continues you will later feel more comfortable in dresses too - it is like a gradual transformation, or like I describe it, a blooming.

To NOT to get too plain and girly I have chose my favorite heels for this summer and they are simultaneously beautiful, trendy and of course edgy. Even if you wear heels you don't have to compromise with your style and edgyness is certainly my thing..

Too bad I haven't had time to make my feet pretty but oh well, let's not get too girly at once! ;)

Bloom and feed the fire! / Eeva

PHOTOS: Eeva Roots

HEELS: Miss Pap /