Why you should not dress for your body type: Tips from a stylist

We all know stylist usually start their advice based on your measurements and shape (and color pallette). They might advice you no to dress for your dream body, but the one you actually have in reality. I may have a divergent opinion about this, so keep reading.

If I were to dress for my body type and/or age appropiate my style would look worlds apart from what my style actually is.

Not one stylist would recommend to a 32 year old Finnish woman to wear baggy sweat pants out in public not to mention tuck them into socks. No stylist would say go ahead and wear size Large or Extra Large t shirts and hoodies instead or figure hagging tops and hoodies at my own size. They would not even say wear hoodies but rather knits and blouses. And God forbid to wear those biggie shirts with no pants under - as I sometimes do.

Secondly, my so called problem area is my stomach and has always been. I'm not fit in a way some other ladies are as I do not excersice. I pay attention to portion sizes and keep my self kinda fit and don't gain weight because of that. However, there are days my stomach is bloated and reaches further han my boobs, just to be completely honest, and some days the fat in my stomach is visible, as some days it's not. My body changes every day and I'm okay with that nowadays - and it's all because I started wearing crop tops two years ago. That is yet another thing a typical stylist would not recommend to a woman with my body.

Third point. My shape is not an hour glass but more like an apple. In a very small size that is, but still - I know I'm genetically an apple. Still at the moment I started wearing highwaisted jeans and pants with crop tops there is an illusion of an hour glass shape. Also the wider my top is the smaller my waist looks compared to my butt. There are some outfits that simply look better with an hour glass shape and I won't let my apple shape define what I can wear - and so should't YOU. If you listen too carefully to those common opinions and stylists advices you will end up limiting yourself. Style is a part of your personality and if you are in ways like me, it's a huge part and can not be seperated from your personality.

Another thing to think about is when we decide we are some shape or that some clothes don't fit us we really believe it and carry that thought in our minds maybe for years.

Here's a good example for you guys: My friend told me just the other day that she accidentally saw her behind in a mirror while her top was stuck under her pants and was wowed from her figure. The same figure and butt she had been hidind for years as she once decided the butt should be covered. Such a shame, right? - I'm glad she had this little accident.

My stylist advice for you is to dress for your style and not too much for your body type. Discover the new you and new ways to look good. Don't let old and plain rules of fashion limit WHO YOU KNOW YOU ARE. Do you and let the world adjust and not the other way around. I promise you will learn to appreciate the freedom and love yourself more than you would ever by trying to fit into a certain box or following all the rules.

Feed the fire! / Eeva

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