No filter

Have you ever wondered just how much editing bloggers or photographers do to their photos? Well, it's safe to say you are not alone.

It's good to remember that editing is not all about air brushing but also about tones, sharpness, details, contrasts, mood etc. One thing among others is that I have never retouched anyones shape and hope I'll never have to. Some things are against my morals and that is one of them. I'd rather work harder while on set and focus on directing the model the best possible way I can. I want to capture people at their coolest and prettiest, and not create fake images.

To me photographing and retouching photos is more about creating the mood and not building a puzzle or changing things radically. I want to CAPTURE beauty, style and moments. Retouching is a tool to highlight that beauty, but again, not to fake it.

The photos I do the least work on are always my own. I'm not a model, I'm not a celebrity, and though I'm building my own personal brand my brand is mostly based on authenticity. The one percent it's not is when I take pictures of myself to my photoraphy porfolio, those are the ones I like to work on, setting moods and creating edgyness and things like that. But to put my money where my mouth is (it's a saying btw) I wanted to share few pictures STRAIGHT OUT OF MY CAMERA. Just to show you guys I don't feel the NEED to retouch my photos; retouching to me is more about learning as a photographer.

Feed the fire! / Eeva