Racer - Photoshoot by Eeva Roots 6/2017

Don't you just love finding models that have a complete trust on you? I do. Models who are simply stunning in almost every frame you take? I do. Models who let you take the lead and put their faith in your vision? I fukkin' do.

Thought I've enjoyed 99% of the shoots I've done there's still nothing quite that rush that comes from doing the exact shoot you've wanted and with a model who is the perfect fit for the shoot. It's an euphoric state of mind with adrenaline rushing trough your vains - literally. The highlights of my work, for me as a photographer and stylist, are just those moments, and though I never fail to love this job there's still a huge difference to some other shoots, and one could say I live for those moments..

In this racer themed photoshoot I teamed up with Diima who you might remember from my Record Store Session shoot. YES, THAT GIRL. We don't just get along very well but we also work well together. She is one of those very few models who really let me do what I want and working with these type of models is cruzial to me.

I have millions of ideas but always have to either limit myself or in other occasions really struggle to find the right people to work with. Our population in Finland is limited and so are the models in that matter. I consider myself as an artist and what I want to create is art and movement. If you can't as a model see yourself holding a ciggy in your hands or are too self-conscious about your facial expressions I simply can not create the images I want to. That is, in my portfolio shoots I do for free, and those are the shoots that define my work the most - the ones I can plan and direct 100% myself.

With that being said, if you are a fan of my stylist and photography work, and are comfortable putting me in charge of everything, feel free to drop me an email and we'll see if we can create some magic together!


Feed the fire Homies! / Eeva

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