Selfie games

Taking selfies and self portraits are by far one of the most challenging and also most annoying things I can imagine. HONESTLY. Annoying foremost.

Not too many people realize that even if someone is a blogger they might not actually enjoy being in front of a camera. I'm quite happy these days to take my outfit pictures from afar as it has become so much more easier, like a routine, but what I struggle with are those close ups. When I take my outfit photos I can't see even one bit of how my face looks like and guess what - I don't even care.

Most of my followers don't follow me because they would think I'm beautiful, at least that's not the main reason or feeling. (I'm quite sure about that.) The key to my follower amount is my style and I'm very happy about that, as being beautiful not to mention being followed for that reason has never in my life been my goal.

But let's face it, when you post a selfie or a self portrait you don't want to look stupid or grumpy in it. 

This rainy day got me to take few self portraits mostly to grow and learn. I hate posing, but I also want to test my boundaries. And for once, I can say I like my face shot.

Feed the fire! / Eeva