Fuel to the flame

My mind is constantly creating and most of the times I simply wish I had more hours to a day. Being a creative offers many blessings but also challenges and one of them is lack of time. Being busy sometimes means I don't have time to do my own photoshoots, with myself, and to me it's only logical to put others and other people's needs first. That is, in a nutshell, building my business, and is my priority.

Last Friday night I got exactly half an hour to do this photoshoot I had planned, just before the sun was down. I don't mind the pressure - in fact, it feeds me. I would have loved to play with the angles more but I'm pretty plesed with what I got in such a short time.

Though I've been open and honest about me being a rocker by heart it doesn't show on my posts as much. There's usually a hint of rock to my looks, if not through my outfits, at least in my essence. This time I wanted to show more of my rocker side and what a better way to do it than with this cool custom bike. One of the ideas of this shoot was also to show that you can actually, as a woman, have a photoshoot with a motorbike without wearing a bikini or a tiny swimsuit. For me breaking the clishes is a big part of what I do and some perceptive people hopefully notice that. I also like to leave out the more sexy postures and poses, especially when I shoot with an idea most people would generally think is sexy.

Being cool is way more sexy than the obvious. I'm just saying.

Huge thanks to Mad Barbers for letting me use this custom bike in my shoot, I freakin love it. Thank you also for taking me out on a ride, you know what adds fuel to my flame.

Find Mad Barbers on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/madbarbers_/ and let him do some custom work to your motorbike too! He also has a Barber Salon, as you may have noticed by the name ;)

Also, thank you Diesel for letting me rock this awesome hoodie in my shoot!

Feed the fire! / Eeva