That gut feeling

Do you recognize those moments when you just KNOW something new is coming? Something great just around the corner or something huge building up inside? That inexplicable gut feeling you just can't ignore? That is completely my feeling at the moment.

To be honest the last time I sensed something great was just around the corner we ended up finding a new boyfriend for my dog that day, but that was still a great thing, ahah. My bae needs a lover too!

But it's something different this time, something for mama Roots. Though it's not all inexplicable as I've been dreaming and planning on new moves, but no matter how you sometimes plan and try to figure it all out things won't happen until it's the exact right time. I know the time is now and I feel my whole world has changed from the inside out.

"That gut feeling you just can't ignore."

Troughout this period that I have been kind of tired and restless because of it, I've still tried to keep my head up high but things just haven't really felt the same for me. Gladly I have been able to talk about my thoughts and moods with my friends and therefore been processing it all in a fast pace.

Though it's been hard to slow things down for a while and simply concentrate on myself as I love working and being super effective I know it's been the right decision for me. I knew it even before I experienced this comprehesive uplift of the mind, but the things is, this would not have happened without the break. As one might say, struggles often lead to beautiful destinations, and the world looks absolutely beautiful once again.

For now I'm keeping things to myself but let me just say, things are cooking up under the surface.

Feed the fire! / Eeva

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