Point Of View - Photoshoot by Eeva Roots

One of my dreams came true last week as I got to do a photoshoot with an artist I have so much respect for; VIEW.

For me as a photographer who is also crazy about music and the music scene these moments are always the ones I'm most stoked about; when I get to work with such talented artists. For me it has never been about how big of an artist the person is but simply about the talent and entirety. But let me tell you guys something - View is going to be HUGE.

Altough this hasn't been a very long-time dream of mine since I only got to discover his music this Summer, but the moment I did I was sold. Completely. I am such a fan of his work, and not only of the songs and vocals but the entirety that is View. He is undeniably one of the most talented artists I have ever heard, and now met, (lucky me).

Thank you for this opportunity, keep rokkin' and feed the fire! /Eeva