Underestimate me. That'll be fun. - Photoshoot by Eeva Roots

While work as a concept needs to be build and based on things that serve your clients art on the other hand is something that mostly needs to serve you, the artist itself. Working in the creative field doesn't have to mean giving up your artistic vision - and you really shouldn't, as the artistic input is what allows you to stand out.

I sometimes try to think of the creative process as a test to myself; am I willing to do the work that truly speaks to me or will I try to reach the masses. Never to this date have I chose a larger crowd over myself when it comes to my visual art and that is the only way I can truly get the best out of my creative work; when my work speaks directly and most of all, to me.

You can be good at something, oh hell even great at it, know how to do something and deliver what is wanted, but I truly feel that the best output is born from a true passion rather than from knowhow or other people's expectations.

And speaking of expectations, street as a genre is something I'm profiled to but to me, street is a wide genre with multiple layers and never ending possibilities to play with. I'm driven by the subcultures and get excited by experimenting and extending the frames of my work, rather than repeating myself or doing what is expected from me. I like to leave a little mystery and keep 'em guessing.

This is a shoot I wanted to do strictly from a personal and artistic point of view. It haunted me, a vision of a heroin chic type of shoot; plain, undressed, with a hint of vintage vibe. I had a very clear idea of how I wanted my model to look like and got so lucky when in matter of seconds I spotted Mia from a tfcd group, and she even said yes straight away. In addition to the right type of look she also has a little mystery in her, which added just the right type of vibes to the images. #blessed

Feed the fire! / Eeva

PHOTOS AND STYLE: Eeva Roots / Instagram @eevaroots and @eevarootsvisuals

MODEL AND MUAH: Mia / Instagram @arabellum_butterfly