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While the era of social media enables us the new possibilities to work, make money, or even make a career for ourselves, especially based on the fact that social media platforms are global and it makes it easy for individuals and companies to collab worldwide, it can still be quite hard for many of us to get the best of it.

Don't get me wrong, I've had my fair share of collabs and such with brands and as a fashion enthusiastic it makes me very happy. VERY HAPPY. But when it comes to other work than promotion that is where it gets harder (as if the promotional work is all fun and games, it can also take hours and hours to get them done).

I'm not trying to limit myself too much but I'm still well aware that here in Finland, companies do not really get the value of an international blogger. And by international I mean a blogger who writes in English and also has an international follower base. We have this saying "Only in Finland" and I would like to use it here, as we are light years away from the rest of the world.

We can only make the change one step at a time, but even one step at a time is not enough if the greater part of bloggers are more willing to stick the old routines and rules than changing the game.

And when we move away from the blogging scene onto other creative jobs like stylist work or photography it doesn't get any easier. Let me clarify what I mean. On a monthly bases (and sometimes even weekly bases) I get inquiries from brands, companies and individuals whom are interested of my photography and stylist work. I'm offered chances to style lookbooks, catalog shoots and individuals, and don't even get me started with photography. All the inquiries come from ANYWHERE ELSE THAN FINLAND, where I'm actually based. That means I am very often faced with a situation where I have no chance to land the job or a project, which would be very suitable for me. A bummer? Very much so.

While I'm not very active (at all, to be completely honest) here in Finland to offer my services to brands and companies, on the other hand, I haven't been active towards the international brands either - and still my work catches their eye, and this proves my point once again.

While I do believe that change is coming as the world is constantly changing, I aknowledge it's not coming soon enough. Not in Finland. And although I love my country and it's a great place to live in (excluding winter times, pff) the truth is that I need to work. And I want to work. And I want to work with what I'm good at, more than anything.

So what do you think, is there a way around this or should I really consider packing my bags and my hairy friend and start somewhere new?

Feed the fire! / Eeva